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It is time, time again. And despite what might happen in the world beside that right now. Awareness is not just a fancy tool, it is the force that drives behind change, evolution, revolution and developement. In this case, especially for us trans people. Wether binary or non-binary, transitioned or not, ‘pre-op’ or ‘post-op’ (and yes, I don’t like and use this words either), mono-gender or bi/tri/pangender. No matter which differences, in the end we are all trans if we see us as exactly that. And there is the importance to rise awareness of this. But why?

We and the world need to be aware that we exist is one thing. We are valid, we are human beings like everyone else and no lesser ones, everybody needs to know and understand this simple task. We are different, but alike. Humans, people, persons, minds and neighbours. On the same level. We are no monsters, abusers, molesters or whatever false media or misguided people might say or even believe themselves. We have to take awareness to lift the curtain and educate them about our ordinary lifes. That there is nothing to be afraid of and the lies are…. well, just lies, born out of fear against the unknown. We might be not the majority, but we are not countable. We are inseperative a part of humanity, of the population all over the world. We are with you and you should be with us, living together in harmony, like the great Stevie Wonder once sang.

Fear can be fast evolved to hate and hate leads to action sometimes. And often more than you want. There are many crimes in the world, yes. But this kind is the worst: Not commited out of grief, envy,  jealousy, joy or another affection than hate. The pure insecurity, planted through misguided words, belief or just plain wrong education. There are many reason why one could handle it that way, but it is true that too many of them act on this indifferent feeling in them. They hurt especially us, mock and discriminate us. Rob us and beat us black and blue, just because we are different than them. Just because we exist sometimes even. Whatever the (illogical) reason is, we are on the side of the victims at the end, if they find us. And anybody of us will be found – and murdered.

Too many of us are murdered over the world, just due to this un-reason. This has to stop. We can’t resurrect our sisters and brothers, but we can honor them and trying to change a thing, so no more of us will follow the dead among us. We can’t fight hate with hate, but with love. With education, with law (if there) or with founding law (if possible). Rise awareness for the victims and our problems, our needs. And to blame the real offenders and perpetrators. Who did the action, of course, but the lawyers speaking in their favor as well. The misguided laws and parlaments sometimes. Belief systems and religions. Society itself. You can’t change it over night, but you can step forward and stand in for your human right to be you, and to be alive after all. To don’t let them murder you, without reason but with excuse. Cause, you are different.

I am in a relative secure country compared to others and might have not to fear my own death and murder due to this poisened thoughts. But I won’t give up to fight for the course of my whole trans family. We stay together, we protect each other, if no one else does it. And with words, if we have no other weapons and they are the most important in this century. And yes, let us not forget the allies around us, who really stand in as well. We are not few and we are not silent. We will never be silenced until our course is fulfilled and no one is found ragged and dead in the next ally, left without hope in the blind eyes. Wether raped and alive or vanished from the world, what might be the same.

Awareness is this little thing what we can do and we should. You should. Research, inform yourself. Talk to us fellows, if you are not trans yourself. Stand up, with the weapon you can choose. Might it be money, words, politics, belief, helping or just plain standing in for your own life. The possibilities are there. As long as we have the breath to fight. And even this is a need for the whole life, let us make it a sign this month, the titled month of trans awareness. (And/or the trans awareness week from 2nd to 15th.) And let us remember the fallen among us on the November, 20th – the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Rise for our sake, and the sake of human rights. Stand up for the beast.